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The preferred solution for most businesses, this series of machine provides print speeds up to 60 pages/min and optional finishing accessories such as sort and staple.


This series of machine offers speeds up to 90 pages/min, high capacity trays, built-in sorting, stapling, and additional options to improve office productivity.

Up to 42" high definition indoor inkjet print and scan solutions. From technical drawings to high impact graphic media, there is an available HP solution for you.

Print speeds up to 40 pages/min and multi-function features including: printer, scanner, and B&W or colour copying.

Features B&W copying and printing, colour scanning, and 10-14 pages/min of D-size paper. Supports up to 36" sized media with a 3" core. 

High end print systems with speeds up to 136 pages/min, lower cost per print and excellent reliability. The perfect solution for commercial printing and busy offices that have large sustained print volumes.